Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alderman - A Bright Day

Hear The Track Here

Now look, here is a most pleasant surprise for me. It isn't often these days that I get to hear tracks from musicians I have known for a very long time, either because they are off doing other things, or because they are plain lazy bastards. Alderman is one such. Not a lazy etc of course, but an old friend. Alderman and I go back at least six or so years and, in that time, have collaborated on gathering sounds to use. A couple of my own current tracks feature samples ran down by this excellent musician. The guy has great ears, and always has done. When I reviewed the first track of his - Catch a Glimpse of Wonderland (February 2004) - I wrote that he was 'definitely an artist keep an eye on' and such has been the case.

His strongest tools have always been his choices of sounds, and his interpretation of them, something that impressed me even back then. The intervening years have only added muscle to that initial flash so that now you can certainly vouch for the quality of an Alderman track long before you actually hear it. It's a mark of how much he has come on as a producer that this track completely surrounds you in an incredibly warm, floating propulsive cloud of music that have you gawping in amazement. It's billed as Alternative and it's certainly that, but much more besides.

Like all long time musicians, Alderman is at ease at mixing and blending styles and this track is a classic example of how it's done properly, with proper attention to the seamless flow of musical energy. (puts his head in his hands) I can't believe I just wrote 'seamless flow of musical energy' It's true, I am turning into a literary twat!! Good job Alderman is there to administer the only known antidote, music that has style and grace. There aren't many instrumentals I can take to like a duck to water, but Alderman never fails in that respect - regardless of any known genre...

Great instrumental. Don't get to say that too often. Highly Recommended.

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