Saturday, March 19, 2011

Charlie A - Emotions

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It probably doesn't seem to me or to Charlie Armour (aka Charlie A natch) two minutes since I reviewed Bebee Bubba (July 2006) but as you can see by that review date, it's been a good few years now. Charlie has put the time to good use, even though his preferred genre isn't my first port of call, he's enough of a savvy musician (especially on what he does best) that you can't really ignore him. I am, as you know, an avowed bottom feeder when it comes to music, usually the roughest, chewiest kind so it's a given that all lovey dovey stringy things (of whatever description) isn't really going to get me interested. Give me the sound of a cat in heat any day I say... But that's me and I have ears of the hardest titanium and your delicate shell likes are probably more attuned to such sweetness.

There is no doubt that as a long term musician, Charlie has his admirers, and rightly so because this is one 'soundtrack' musician I can listen to without blowing steam out of my ears and that's always an added bonus. The main reason I can listen to Charlie is because the guy is good; he knows his music and where it is aimed, and he does surprisingly well out of it including landing at least a couple of RW soundtrack videos, and there are not many Soundclick musicians in this category who can claim that honour. Two things endear Charlie to me personally, even though soundtracks are really not my thing.

Firstly, Charlie is a careful, diligent composer, you won't find any rough edges so its a waste of time listening for them. Secondly, and much more important, centres around the F word. Fidelity (of the audio kind) is the name of the game here, and Charlie A has always been up for it. As well as the sense of humour that much of his work contains, Charlie's trademark attention to sonic detail are hallmarks of a great Charlie A track. He's also a great believer in the less is more school of thought so Emotion hangs purely on a set of strings which, given my usual loathing for that sound, could be a car smash but sounds beautifully sad and forlorn. Which I suppose is the whole point of the exercise, I guess.

Highly Recommended soundtrack(ry,ry,ry).

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