Sunday, March 13, 2011

Watercandle - Todos es mentira

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If my interstellar language unit is giving me the right translation the title means 'everything is lies', a sentiment that finds no argument whatsoever with me. Watercandle is a completely new name to me out of Spain and Soundclick respectively. I am, as you know, a tad affected by the whole world music thing and am fascinated with the different blends of interesting instruments that you would hear in - say - rock music. Or, for that matter, acoustic folk which is this billed as. Suffice to say that it may be better if you were of Spanish/Hispanic descent to get what this track is really about - and that may well limit its appeal. The sort of music that requires more than the mind of a gnat.

While the track is written and sung in Spanish I have to say that this is the extent of the Spanish musical influence, it's more a question of Steeleye Span than 'ándale ándale' if you get my drift. Yes, I know it's not strictly a Spanish word, but us writers need some artistic leeway too ya know. Anyway, diverging no further, Todo es mentira sounds very much like a small acoustic group, pretty much recorded live and very nice it is too, if you like acoustic folk and you don't really mind not understanding the lyrics, Personally I prefer to hear artists in their own language but I know that this doesn't wash with the great unwashed out there (Ed: he's talking about you lumpen masses!).

So the guitars carry all the musical duties, so it's a good job that there are three of them on the go in this track. As an acoustic guitarist myself, I really enjoy this kind of grouping, but I really appreciate it more when voices are involved. Watercandle introduces us to at least one female vocalist as lead and maybe another in backing vocals, all of is extremely pleasant on this reviewers rock weary ears. Of course that's me and I'm well aware that there are many who shudder at the word acoustic and if you add folk to that word are likely to run away screaming but hey, that's their loss. While Todo es mentira is not going to set the world on fire, its a welcome change from the normal fayre.

Spanish language folk. Highly Recommended.

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