Thursday, March 31, 2011

XoC - 1786 in Canada feat Rappy McRapperson

Hear The Track Here

Welcome Dan Brown fans and codeheads everywhere, you are going to have a ball with this Soundclick artist, the title of the song and the identity of the featured rapper-person-thing. For my part, I went back to a previous review and found 'XoC standing for 'eXaggeration Of Chris' apparently' spiderscrawled there. So yes, we have encountered this musician before and yes, it wasn't that bad an experience reviewing Abuse Remix(Childhood) 1st Draft (September 2009) which was 'intelligent, coherent rap with a story to tell' and you know I am always up for that. Don't know what it is with this guys titles (damn almost wrote titties there, must control...must control..) but his music and rap were good enough for a highly recommended.

1786 blah blah is apparently hip hop nerdcore which derivation certainly had me scratching my head (Ed: better than thinking about ti...NO) but whats in a name anyway. Besides, having listened to this extraordinary track a million times, it's absolutely impossible to describe just what it is other than inspired genius. It's basically the story of how French pioneers discovered Canada, except filtered through a Monty Python Anything Goes filter to make it absolutely laugh out loud funny. It's hip hop rap in it's style that's for sure, but that's merely skimming the surface of this wonderfully thought out track.

For example, it really does tell a story, all done with the best possible taste (not) and with various audio cues, all set to a beat that has distinct dancehall (as in Jamaica mon) overtones as well as the inherent pomposity that is oh-so French. In short, this is a little audio miracle. A wonderfully entertaining, very fresh take on a very jaded genre that it would be criminal for you to pass it by without one listen. Damn this has so brightened my days lately, and I REALLY don't say that often enough about hip hop. There again, this isn't hip hop is it? At least not as we know it Jim...(Ed: who the **** is this Jim you keep referring to? Does he have ti...)

MUST HAVE Gallic tomfoolery

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