Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sandro Cuzzetto - Perfect Timing

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Been a pretty long while between tracks from Canadian musician Sandro Cuzzetto, who is one of those people who stays a while, goes away a while, stays a while etc. For example, although I reviewed a couple of his tracks - More Than Me (April 2009) and Where Your Quarter Goes (September 2009) - this is the first track since then. Generally that means either the real world intruding, recording/computer problems, musicians block or writing tracks that take a long time to come together. Then sometimes, you can just spit them out with ease and I guess that is where perfect timing comes into it.

At least according to Sandro.

Hailing from the same city as Cam's Even Song, Sandro and Cam share the same Christian faith and - to a certain extent - a large amount of musical ground too. However, Cam's Even Song and Sandro do approach both their music and songs in very different ways. Put it this way, Cam writes songs as if he were a rabbit on Viagra, seemingly one a minute and as we see, it takes Sandro a bit longer. I couldn't, for some reason, get all that comfortable with his two previous two tracks, but I had none of those problems with Perfect Timing; a classy song with some equally classy production and performance values.

Looking back on those past reviews I would have to surmise that Sandro has put some very serious work into his songwriting and his playing in the intervening time and it shows in the liveliness and sparkle that imbues Perfect Timing. Moreover, there is a confidence, vocally and instrumentally, that I'm pretty sure wasn't there in previous tracks otherwise I'm sure I would have mentioned it. After all, you can't hear something this slick, and this commercially relevant, and not be more than surprised at just how good it it. Mmmm, I wonder if this is part of a new 'stays for a while' periods? If so, let's hope for more of this...

Highly Recommended Christian rock.

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Sandro Cuzzetto said...

Thank you for the review! Sorry I never clicked the blog link before: I have always looked at your reviews on the Soundclick page. Again, thank you for your positive thoughts: hey, I should point out that I do have a few songs in between the first two you reviewed and this one; I just never asked for reviews of those - didn't want to overburden you. As for the around and gone comment - kind of... I have been touring with another band (as the drummer) around BC and Alberta the past while and that has taken me away from my own music.

I am sure I echo the thoughts of many around the Indie Music scene in wanting to thank you for all the work you put into this. It's been great reading your reviews and getting to know you through them.