Saturday, March 26, 2011

RHA - La Caduta di Alice CD

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Remember those science experiments at school where you were introduced to the properties of magnetism? Where a magnet is placed on a flat surface and sprinkled with iron filings to show the lines of magnetic force? Well my life is like that, except instead of iron filings my specialty seems to be Italians. If I'm not tripping over groups of them in the street, I'm out cavorting with my own fratelli ******* guys... Speaking of which buongiorno, ciao and all that bollocks, let me introduce you to both electronic musician RHA and MODR the netlabel wot houses them (Ed: wot houses them? wtf are you on??) Actually MODR is also home to my favourite Eyetalian band lately, the sublime Ofelia Dorme who I have waxed lyrical over time and time again. Now I'm well aware that Ofelia Dorme may be considered a little out there musically (and that's part of their charm) but set against them RHA is in another universe altogether.

The title means 'The Fall Of Alice' Clue much??

A world of bleeps and whirrs in an experimental electronica melange and you know I am partial to a bit of that, although I found dissonanze distorte (gotta love titles in lower case innit?) a bit tame compared to some I've heard. It has serious structure beneath the seeming mayhem and it could even be said to be pumping, maybe even be guilty of being a bit dance-y. Eek alors indeed mes amis (Ed: wrong country...durrr). Having said that, it's a good track, as are the rest of this fairly intense session. No doubt in my mind that you are going to have an ear for electronica in general to really get anything out of this but earache, but there are plenty of people who do like it. Tell you what though as good as this music is, I can't take too many helpings, except in cases (like Soundclick's Fear 2 Stop for example) where I do see a point to the mayhem.

Once you become familiar with the overall feel of the music it's soon evident that RHA is some serious beat machine. I had to try and describe music that was slamming, I'd be pointing them towards this bad boy. Whoever RHA is, the time, care and attention that has been lavished on these ten tracks shows a careful, considered musician to whom groove is as much a given as technical know how. I don't know but whenever I hear music of this type and this quality the first thing that springs to mind is reason. Actually I should say Reason because it's a piece of software that is ideal for music of this kind. Prime electronica with a pulse and a warm heart.

MUST HAVE Electronica

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