Sunday, March 13, 2011

Densyl - You Are My Friend

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Here's a heart warming tale for these cold winters nights. A musician based in Canada meets another musician from Pakistan, collaborate a few times on several good tracks and become firm friends. Now that may not mean so much if you were born with the web right to hand but - believe it or not - such a thing would never have happened without it. Like Densyl (the Canadian half of the equation) and Musicarian (Pakistan posse), I have found many close friends on the internet and if anyone says, yeah but that isn't real I may just kick them in the teeth. This song, then, is about this virtual friendship so many of us derive comfort and well being from, and long may it remain so.

We may not be able to do an Egypt right now, but small steps, small steps...

Like a lot of long time Soundclick musicians, I have developed an ear for Densyl's work and like a lot of these musicians can almost always predict what such and such a track is going to sound like and it isn't often that I am surprised. There is a side to Densyl's oeuvre that doesn't sit too well with me, and that's because sometimes wearing your heart on your sleeve really ticks me off. Mind you, I put that down to my stiff-upper-lip, quick-run-through-the-hills-and-a-thrashing-in-the-study English upbringing which has been known to suppress all known emotional content, external or internal. Can't blame Denysl for my own failings as a human being after all, although I'm often tempted...

While You Are My Friend is a very competent, finger-picked standard format acoustic song, for sure it's appeal is going to be very limited. One because of the content (it is a personal track and I'm not the only philistine on the planet) and secondly because it's basically recorded live in what sounds like the deepest well on Earth. Reverb is the culprit here, and huge wodges of it into the bargain. It is to Densyl's credit that the tune and the song rise above it and are quite clear, but nonetheless it does somewhat spoil the overall effect. Nice touch on the friendship though, and remember that some of this musicians better works have come through such collaborations.

Personalised Acoustic track.

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