Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pidgeman - Still Got Moore To Give

Hear The Track Here

Best not to be thinking that someone jogged Pidgeman's elbow when he was writing the title of this track. Any self respecting plank spanker (Ed: guitarist Gilmore, say it. Gee-tar-ist) will know of the recent death of UK guitarist Gary Moore, and this is Pidgeman's offering on such a sad event. Personally I never saw Gary Moore, either in Thin Lizzy or in anything else he was involved with, and I must admit I was a bit surprised when the media here made such a big deal of it. I was aware of him, of course, you couldn't fail not be be, but I had no idea he was held in such reverence as a blues guitarist. Now, of course, it's a little too late to sample some of that and that's a shame because I do like good blues playing so this may force me off my lazy ass and find out once and for all what the fuss is about.

Pidgeman is, to us anyway, also a known subject. I've got through a good many reviews since I first met him on another site when I reviewed Misery Loves Company (November 2007), It has to be said that it took me some while to really cotton on to him but - over the past couple of years - he's really started to step out with a whole new attitude and one that has earned him much praise from yours well as a clutch of Must Haves. One of the reasons I like this musician is because he knows how to rock, musically and lyrically but I wouldn't have out him down as a blues guy and I admit to looking forward to this track.

One of the hardest genres to actually play, at least with any conviction and/or authority IMHO, and one Pidgeman seems to have taken to like a duck to water. OK, so it's a rock blues more suited to the work of the Chicago legends and early pioneers like the Butterfield Blues Band, but that was Gary Moore's specialty. The hard rock of Thin Lizzy is really just the smallest part of what Gary Moore has done. So, as a tribute, I find this excellent. There again, I would not have expected a musician like Pidgeman to get it wrong, especially on something that means so much. What I didn't expect was how soulful and fluid his style is in this. Great blues for a blues great.

Highly Recommended Blues Rock tribute.

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