Thursday, March 10, 2011

333maxwell - You Suck

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Coming out of the Gilmore Grotto on the morning I put this months review thread online I was thrown - legs akimbo - to the ground by tripping on something some fool had left on my doorstep. So you can imagine my surprise when said something, said something. (Ed: eh?) 'I've ran out of people i can coerce into listening to this kind of crap' it moaned, and peering intensely at the pile of rags that was obviously hiding a human being, I spotted a familiar shape. Now, say what you like, but 333 is a bloody odd shape and no mistake, but there again so is it's owner. Meet, then, one Chas Holman, erstwhile doorstep obstacle, more familiar to you guys as the musician 333maxwell who happens to be one of the most irritating musicians I know and - as you can imagine - I know more than a few of that kind.

Why does he irritate? Read on...

This guy has turned his hand to every musical genre on the planet (and more than a few off world ones too btw) and in every single case, he pulls it off. Not just pulls it off but pulls it off so magnificently, so maxwellian that you can't help but get irritated. How come some one eared guy (don't ask) has sooo much talent? A question which, I would imagine, would have also been asked of Vincent Van Gogh but that's another century. Pulls off everything? you mutter sceptically. Well, lessee, yep and if you don't believe such a bold claim, stick a couple of safety pins through your cheeks, rip up your clothes and get up a nice head of saliva and lets head for the punky part of time where You Suck is based. Aaaahhh, going a bit paler at that prospect, are we? Don't worry, it's all in the mind.

Actually, You Suck IS punk in the truest sense, although I am sure to get detractors to such a stand but here's the thing - I was there. I was involved for a brief period back in the day with a band called the 101'ers, and if I am reminded of anything by You Suck it is that band. Don't worry if you haven't heard of them, but you will have heard of their frontman, a certain Joe Strummer and - surprise - Chas even manages to do a passable Strummer and that's got to rub the ol' salt in the wound. I can't apply my usual high standards for this musician to this track because that's not what it was made for, it was made to sound exactly like it is and some will like it and some won't. For me, this is a bit of a curio insofar as influences but not - I hesitate to stick in the knife but a second - one of his better tracks. Fun, yes but that's it.

DNS (Does Not Suck) (that bad)

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