Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nigel Potter - Necromancer

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There is only one Nigel Potter and yeah his name is Terentek. Have to be careful what I say around this guy because we share a common history and - no doubt - he knows where the bodies are buried, so best stay on his good side. Our musical endeavours have travelled similar paths except he has probably been much more faithful to rock (and space rock in particular) than I have and more power to him because of that. If anyone deserves the accolade of being a consumate 'classical rock' musician it would be Nigel. Although you may not have heard of him prior to this, online veterans have recognised his distinct qualities for more years than either of us care to mention.

Necromancer should be attributed to ALBEDO 0 and 3, an album I know nothing about and - like you - am waiting for Nigel to give us the scoop on it. 'Albedo ( /æl'bi?do?/), or reflection coefficient, is the diffuse reflectivity or reflecting power of a surface' according to Wikipedia and if that doesn't give you a clue to the musical direction Nigel Potter is likely to take you on, nothing will. Space, the final frontier and Nigel has already been there for years and years although - to be fair - the meaning of Necromancer is absolutely down to earth, and maybe even under it. Musically though, as I say, space is the place.

Like most gentlemen of a certain age, Nigel has soaked up two major space-rock influences, The slick, highly engineered space rock popularised by the Pink Floyd in their heyday and the raw, agressive power of Hawkwind in theirs. This time Nigel steers more towards the Floydian side of the cosmos, and as fine a piece of space rock as you would like to find. Don't run away with the impression that Nigel Potter is some kind of copyist, far from it. He uses the style as a starting point and branches off from there and usually provides a significant musical journey and Necromancer is no exception.

OUT THERE (Ed: I'm sure Must Have isn't spelt like that).

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