Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smoke It 'n' Die - Off Bounds

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The problem with reviewing Howard Billington, Grace Jackson and Louis Marshall (collectively known as Smoke It 'n' Die) is that there is always something else to take up your attention. I've been over there (the webpage) a lot lately due to a track and video called Take Your Shot. Both the track and the video show exactly how I pictured this band and - for my money - is well worth a look and listen. You should go and have a listen to these immortal lines set to music. You ready....? Oh, the chorus goes: 'You suck, you suck real bad and you can go to hell. That, and also your breath poo.' Classic I tell ya. It's a measure of just how good a songwriter Howard Billington is that he can make that sound soooo damn positive. He,and Smoke It 'n' Die have been a big favourite of mine for a while. An original.

Here's the scenario right now...

Howard and mates are hanging out shooting the **** and necking hi-energy drinks by the gallon. Finally one of them suggests going to play around in the garage, and this track was recorded by their next door neighbour and will probably come up in the court case. Face it, at the speed this rockets out of your speakers, it leaves skidmarks on your speaker grille. Damn hard to wash off too. Howard, as well as being a fairly English songwriter, has always been a fan of punk rock and Off Bounds is the love child of that but by God it's got a fierce turn of speed on it. Best to wear a neck brace I say, whiplash could be a problem for some.

It is insanely difficult to make out any of the words because of the speed they are spat into your musical eye, but then you give up and give in to the sheer drive and energy of the thing. If you were of the pogo generation (Ed: original punks) here's a chance to relive that sordid past. Even though this is rough, as true punk should be, there is still a clarity and precision about the production that raises it above the usual lo-fi noise brigade. That and the quality of the song itself are adequate testimony to Howard's 'keeping it real' as in authentic. Proper, pukka punk, know what I mean? Off (it) Bounds indeed.

MUST HAVE punkfest (psst and Take Your Shot!)

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