Friday, March 18, 2011

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - Endless Night

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I know I can be infinitely slow on the uptake but hey, I'm only human (somewhat). Therefore I feel no shame that it has taken me four tracks to actually get the point Weylin's Slayer Orchestra has been trying to make all along or, looked at another way, this track is a marked departure from what came before. Therefore, if that were the case, maybe this is the first track this musician has given me that certain something I look for in every track - whatever the genre. Anyway, you take your pick and I'll carry on... Now here's the stumbling block so listen up, initially I laboured under the impression that WSO was death metal goth-y kinda thing, but what I got and continued to get were Game Soundtrack flavoured and - as good as the tracks were - that isn't my taste.

Endless Night is a clever combination of both metal (of a darker hue obviously) and orchestral and I got the point first time out, which is what I never did with previous tracks. In fact the beginning of this track is exactly what I was expecting from the start of this musical relationship, and by God it shows that Derek Shunia (aka Weylin et al) can rock out with the best of them and if I went by the first two minutes of this track I'd be in hog heaven. Then comes the other two minutes (roughly y'understand), which is the aforementioned classical/orchestral section, which - to my ears - sounds suspiciously like prog-rock. Uh oh,is that another stumbling block ahead??

Thankfully no, because although it does indeed some like prog-rock it does make sense to me, as a terrific musical piece - and that is what I guess I have been looking for. See, here is a track that even an old philistine like me - with all my warts, prejudice and bile - can get into with ease. The simple truth is that I wasn't looking forward to doing this review but Endless Night did what three other tracks never achieved, got and kept my interest throughout. Now while I truthfully admit that I probably won't dig this out often for a play, I may well come back to it from to time because it is that good.

Highly Recommended Metal/classical/orchestral/prog rock yes, but not a soundtrack (yay)

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