Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scheezy McGee - All I Need

Hear The Track Here

When I last reviewed this hip hop artist I was enthusing about how lively the Soundclick hip hop scene was, but he had no idea at the time that he would feature quite heavily in my year end review of 2010 and - along the way - snagging three Tracks Of The Year 2010. Not bad going, I'd say. Like a few other rappers that were mentioned last year, they are quick to get the next tracks online and this is (I think) Scheezy's first of 2011. Now you would think that someone who cites The Velvet Underground, The Smiths, The Fall and Sonic Youth wouldn't really have much time for hip hop, but you'd be wrong. Scheezy has always been one to stretch the genre as wide as is possible but, underneath all the fluffery, is a solid hip hop sensibilty.

Just a different angle is all.

Rick Rubens is the defining figure IMHO in making rock music acceptable to the hip hop crowd and vice versa, it was his melding of the styles - first with Areosmith/Run DMC and later with many others - that inform artists like Scheezy, whether they are aware of it or not. As such, I've always had a softer spot for it than say the more commercial forms of hip hop music, or even the so called R&B scene. Face it, I like music with bollocks (Ed: you can't say that!!) and Scheezy certainly delivers that, in every track I have heard from him and All I Need is no exception but this time, alas no lyrics are posted so you'll have to figure it out (what he needs, as it were)..(Ed: coke he says, he wants coca cola)

Now when you are as poor as a church mouse, as most of us are, lack of equipment is a problem, but so is the latitude we give ourselves as 'home producers' and both those problems can mar peoples enjoyment of your work. I'm used to it, but All I Need's rough and ready approach might not suit some purists, certainly IMO the rap could have been tighter, but to single that out when the ideas and style work like gangbusters is niggardly to say the least. Fact is, this is a damn fine track, just not as good as some of his previous work technically

Highly Recommended nonetheless.

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