Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fourteen Twentysix - Lighttown Closure LP (part)

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Big day today. Not only did I just clear my 2,000th post on the RebelRiffs blog (that's 2k of reviews) but I also finally managed to find a band who don't automatically join Myspazz as soon as they form. Believe me, it really is that rare. Not that I have anything against Myspazz (much) but it isn't what I would consider a music site, even if I have heard some cracking musicians who have a presence on there. Fourteen Twentysix ' is the cryptic alias of multi-instrumentalist Chris van der Linden', so we are informed on the band's website, but dig a little deeper and things have changed somewhat. According to the recording diary, they are now a five piece band, all of whom are collaborating on the new LP/DC thingie.

So that's nice then...

Lighttown Closure, then is the LP before all the new personnel came along and - as many of you will have noticed - I am not reviewing the whole thing, I just don't have the time any more. I grabbed AM, After The Storm and Closing Hours with an application of the scientific formula known worldwide as eeny meeny miny mo... Although the truth is that they are tracks one, two and three so (shrugs), what can I tell you? 'The album starts off on a surprisingly light note, painting a serene landscape with a hopeful look at a new horizon' is what the blurb promises on the download page, and it's nice and ambient and you get into the easy way the tracks trickles into your ears, before settling into a kinda folky stream-of-consciousness song that segues neatly into After The Storm. This turns out to be a nice blend of folk, electronica and psychedelic rock, and shows a much more commercial face than AM, and that's probably the point.

Although you will have heard the kind of music Fourteen Twentysix make before, it has a neat twist making it - for me anyway - something well worth listening to. A challenging and well crafted vocal, and a very good song which gets better and better the more familiar you become with it. Closing Hours confirms that Chris van der Linden has a vision that works, it would be very interesting indeed to see what he gets up to with his new mates. Over the years I have come across few interesting songwriter musicians, and by interesting I mean willing to go in directions you wouldn't have expected. Moreover, listening further you begin to notice the depth of the arrangement, there's a ton of stuff going on. Can't wait for that new album then...

Highly Recommended blend of ambient, acoustic and rock.

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