Sunday, November 28, 2010

Big Wheel - Kiss My Bass

Hear The Track Here

As you have seen, probably until your eyeballs bled, I am not a great fan of dance music, at least not for review purposes. I'd rather be dancing to it, know what I mean? I have been known to make exceptions but they are rare. Rarer, mayhap, than a Big Wheel who - as it so happens - is exactly one of the dance musicians I do have time for. For example, his normal frolicking fields are downtempo. DnB, Breakbeat and house, none of which have always found favour with me, least of all DnB which - to be honest - not that many musicians pull that one off. They might call it DnB but it isn't to my ears, whereas some of Big Wheel's most notable works have a very combination of all his interests and as authentic as you like.

So, as the man says 'Get yer lino out'.

I admit to doing a bit of jigging when I was much, much younger and, if I was to get up off me crutches, I could maybe do it to this - although it would probably kill me. For me, that is always the test of whether a track has legs as a dance track. I figure if I can dance to it (Ed: being a blind, one legged dwarf) then anyone could and - as usual - I did a bit of wobbling on the spot to this track. For me, one of the prime draws of the Wheel's droppings has been his constant attention to the final presentation and that has just got stronger and stronger as the years go on.

Having said all that, Kiss My Bass, hovers dangerously near my tolerance limits even though its a miserly five minutes and change, and even the Wheel may be pushing it a bit with this unashamedly clubby, dance-y track. Exactly the kind of thing you could hear in your local hangout in fact, and it defies the imagination as to why you shouldn't indeed hear it commercially. I think it deserves it, and I don't even like this kind of stuff. For my money, it was a lot more formulaic than I am used to with this musician but still can't fault the way he puts it all together.

Highly Recommended dance-y prance-y.

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