Saturday, November 13, 2010

Those Among Us - I Need To Know

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Another long term internet musician is on a roll lately (seems to be a rash of them, or the drugs are finally working) and he is a member of the cast of Those Among Us, you know him as John Brandon but he's been known to be a silver train as well. That, however, is neither here nor there. Those Among Us is really the offshoot of the entity known as Silvertrain, extremely popular a few years ago, and I've already raved about most of the output so far. Feel (May 2010) and A Chance To Die EP really showed what this new grouping can do and are, for me anyway, the standout tracks you should immediately go and shake hands with. Especially if you like high calibre pop rock.

Of course, not to everyone's taste.

OK, but let me tell you that the vocalist in Those Among Us can ******* wail like Plant when he wants too, and that's not a bad trick at all. The one thing I do expect from anything John Brandon is involved with is the knack of knowing how to write a good song. Which usually equates to 'the simpler, the better' and you can't argue with that. What is becoming more evident is that he has finally found the right combination to put it all together and I have yet to hear a bad track from this quarter and that means on all levels; performance, arrangement, production and attitude.

John's songwriting style certainly gets darker and edgier in these musical surroundings and while the music has been relentlessly upbeat for much of his 'career', the other musicians in Those Among Us provide some really muscular support and the edge his music has never had before. This is not a bad thing, it is a very, very good thing and when all is said and done, I Need To Know is a knockout track, but you won't get that straight away. It takes a fair bit of coaxing to get right to the heart of this 'bleak look at the future' but it is so worthwhile. It's also track two from the upcoming Disco Ball EP so don't be saying I didn't tell you that.

Highly Recommended (intelligent) rock - now there's a thing...

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