Friday, November 19, 2010

Just F.A.M (Freshset) - Christmas Shop

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When I reviewed Just F.A.M. (Freshset)'s first track - Dreamer (December 2009) - I distinctly remember, in between raving about the music (it ended up with a Must Have), saying something about one of (limitless) personal phobia's. To illustrate, I need to re-say what I said at the time. Ahem..cough...cough [i]As I am writing this review I am staring at Just F.A.M.'s Soundclick page and thanking whatever God you like to believe in that they didn't ask me to review any of their Christmas tracks[/i]. So, the burning question is, did they wait a whole year to finally thrust this onto me? In other words, is this some kind of insane ploy on their part to drive this reviewer to drink? No, wait, I'm already there, lets try drugs. Nope, I'm already there too. Let's not even get into the whole sanity/insanity thing. When all is said and done, I can sum this whole paragraph (and its bile) into three simple words....

Bah ******* humbug.

However, I reserve my special (poison) ink to write reviews of Christmas Choons of Cheer, ensuring that they all die with festering boils. Just FAM can't say that they weren't warned, could they? Said it loud and clear. On their own heads be it. The principal reason I hate Christmas music is because it's mostly lame, especially the more sugary American variety. If Just FAM were any other crew, they would be lying at my feet covered in critical gore right around now but the one thing they have shown since that first track has been a remarkable consistency and approach to their music.

OK, so obviously Christmas Shop is squarely aimed at those people more able to appreciate the event than old curmudgeons like me, and one that score I think it will do well and may well be the one of the reasons for the 100k+ plays on the band's Soundclick page. All joking aside, I have always found this band's tracks to be of a very high production quality, and excellent rappers and lyricists into the bargain. As much as I despise most forms of Christmas cheer, at least this one doesn't make me want to burn the house down with everyone in it. Moreover, it is a very commercial, and yes pleasing, sound that has potential - especially at this time of year. As the man says, if you like the style, fill yer boots.

Highly (grrr) Recommended (grrr) Christmas (grrr) Cheer (GRRR)

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