Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cadaver Dogs - Thrill Ride EP

Hear The Track Here

It seems like forever ago since I first received the request to review Cadaver Dogs, such is the backlog of reviews and I blame that damn blog!! Yeah, you. Anyway, if it feels like forever to me, I can't imagine what it must feel like for this Columbus, OH trio. Moreover, looking at their excellent myspazz page and the 'uge picture of said dudes, they don't like like someone you'd want to make angry. So, great ******* EP guys, lets have the next.... yeah, right. As if. A little further down their page you come across this little gem: 'Cadaver Dogs are a motherf*cker' and if that wasn't enticing enough how about 'This is music for the depraved and the decadent, the fiendish and the self-indulgent' Well alright, sounds like my kind of party because fornicators of mothers and music for the depraved signals badass and if there is one thing I am very, very familiar with its badass, especially of the rock variety.

I've known lots and lots of trios, some awesome, some tiresome and some just plain baffling and - for my money - it's a great combination when it works. Note that, when it works. See, when all the juices are flowing and the kicking of bottoms commences, great rock trios can sound like the proverbial stampede of elephants - and I mean that it the nicest possible way. Funny then that upon hearing Sling Shot, the first track on the EP, I should be instantly transported back in time to witness a performance by the MC5 (who I had the good fortune to see when they were hot). Steaming chunks of rock wrapped around a melodic and extremely catchy hook is what you get; no nonsense, in-your-face great ******* rock music in every sense. 'I got nothing to prove' the refrain goes and after this track I'd say that's right. Immaculate rock testicles, right there, huge stones.

I really hope some of the rockhounds at Soundclick pick up on this review because this is definitely a band to hear (Mike Foster especially will love this). If Sling Shot doesn't convince you, wait until The Beast pounces on you... By this time it's blindingly obvious that Cadaver Dogs know exactly what they are doing, because the catchy element is present in spades, in this case a full on rock riff chorus that is probably why this track is so named. Play loud and watch your shape change into a fire-breathing rock beast you always knew you were. Again, this is an EP that really should be listened to in it's entirety to be really effective and you'll the time to reassemble you head which will no doubt have been blown off by the first two tracks. I am a rock animal and I recognise my own kind, but hey, no sniffing OK??? I'm English, we don't do that.

Burning hot rock. MUST HAVE EP

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