Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eddie Cohn - Stay With Me LP (part)

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You see before you a man who lives in fear. So what, do you suspect, could make a hard-bitten journalist/reviewer such as myself literally quake in his boots? I think I must be the only person in the world who has developed an intense fear of looking into my mailbox, not because it's overloaded with spam (which is the usual excuse) but because it's overloaded with review requests from the blog. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, the damn thing has taken on a life of its own so right now I have 40+ tracks from there alone. All of which is not to whine about my predicament, but merely to say sorry to Eddie Cohn for making him wait so long for this review AND it's only three tracks from the album at that...

Stay With Me was the first track I picked (Ed: natch, ya lazy bastard) and it's immediately obvious that Eddie is a experienced and adept singer, songwriter and producer because Stay With Me sounds bloody wonderful. The only worm in the apple is that it's a ballad and you know I hates those guys. Nonetheless, I wouldn't stop me listening and indeed appreciating the work, love and devotion that has gone into making this track. Tell you what, I know that half of humanity will love this if they ever get a chance to hear it. Ladies, I'm talking to you. Three hankie job right here. Lights On continues the mellow mood, although it's not actually a ballad - which helps for me.

With these two tracks alone, I was taken by just how much work Eddie has put into his art, and boy does it show. Although, being really honest, the style isn't really my kind of thing, but there is no doubting the depth and knowledge of his subject Eddie brings to the proceedings. Certainly if you like the smoother sounds of (say Simply Red) you will definitely be knocked out by any track from this album. Give Love a Photograph was the third track I got and with it's MacCartney-ish feel fits right in with the overall tenor of the album, which btw I am intending to check out in its entirety sooner or later - and that should tell you something. Personally I'm as impressed as hell at the overall technical ability on display, regardless of what I think about the style. Commercial? **** yeh!!

MUST HAVE Alternative

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