Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pilesar - Barry and the Humidifier

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Pilesar (pronounced Pie LEE zur doncha know) piles in again this month with his customary cautions about what he is inflicting on me this time. After a long and involved story about a photo, a lady and his circle of friends, he finally comes out with 'The most I did was arrange the sounds, do some mixing (stereo panning, fade-ins, etc) and some other minor studio trickery' In other words, the track seemingly made itself. Yeah, heard that one before eh? But wait! Hark! This is the big P. Doesn't all his material 'seemingly make itself'. Isn't this the Iman of Improv? Of course it durn well is and we all know a softening up process when we see one. So, let me give you a smidge of the back story.

Said photo (blackbirds flying in the snow, seeing as you didn't ask) catapulted our hero into a frenzy of activity from which - I am sure - he is still recovering. He contacted a bunch of friends through email and asked them to send him sound files to work with. However, when said bunch of friends include some of the most experimental of Soundclick artists, you may well be worried. And if you are not, I am sure the name Daniel Euphrat (of Dross), will soon have you hoofing for the hills. He received five sound samples and then went to work on them in his Top Secret Laboratory, screwing screwy things, and draining pus-y (Ed: not what you think) things when things go wrong and eventually emerging - no doubt blinking - into the harsh light of day clutching the harrowing tale of Barry and the Humidifier.

Now read on...

Most of you know that Pilesar doesn't do normal, so when you cop an earful (or more than that depending on your needs) you won't be that surprised at what you hear. More so when you remember the Pilesar of yesteryear, started as an experimental musician long before he developed his idiosyncratic live work that has been so enlightening of late. This track brings it all back to me as if it were yesterday. I know for a fact that there is a large audience for the kind of work that Pilesar does with sound and there isn't anything here that I wasn't expecting from him. I do, however, concede the point of the track writing itself. On the surface, its pure, undiluted wtf but get your ears underneath that layer and it is surprisingly seamless. Mind you, I like weird and this is all that and more...

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