Thursday, November 18, 2010

a + m - Soundtrack 2009 LP

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Those readers who still have at least one working brain cell (hey Mom) may remember me waxing lyrical a while ago about an Italian band called (AM), I distinctly remember being impressed with the female vocals although I can't seem to find the original review so I can't really elaborate any further. No matter anyway, because they underwent a change of name and are now called m + a. I recall that there was the vocalist at the time of the review, unless my memory is really as bad as I think . Pure conjecture on my part, obviously, and no doubt someone will be along to put me right. There again, I may well be thinking of a Swedish vocalist - there are just too damn many.

Reading the sleeve notes that come along with the album I discover that Michele Ducci and Alessandro Degli Angioli are the musicians involved so obviously my memory has really tanked. Not a female in sight, let alone a vocalist. Sheesh getting old really sucks. Soundtrack 2009 is an eleven track jobbie that shows off their intriguing mix of acoustic and electronica, and much more to the point shows how experimental they can be while retaining a listenability that others may struggle for. I vaguely remember comparing them to Ofelia Dorme (another Italian band in the same general musical area) and remarking how these bands seemed to be a lot more adventurous then their more northerly counterparts. Must be something they put in the water.

When most people see the word electronica, they automatically assume two things: machine sounds, and a banging beat. Not, however, in this band's case, because as soon as I started assimilating the music, it all came back to me although I think this album hangs together better (and is consequently more commercial) the the previous one and I found myself warming to their almost low-key approach to the whole deal. Try (for innovation ) the oddly named blaÌŠ or Liko, Lene, Lisa for their unique take on drums and bass. Personally, I think that a band like m + a will automatically scoop up any really discerning listeners around because for sure there isn't much that sounds like this, and that commercial slant could really pay off with this album. Very nice indeed.

Highly Recommended blend of electronica and acoustic.

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