Saturday, November 13, 2010

Avalanche - Not My Style

Hear The Track Here

Lots of activity in the Avalanche camp this year, much of it still under wraps, and despite there being a lengthy recording process this year (as normal), new music from Avalanche is a little thin on the ground. One track has appeared, and from Avalanche and Stephanie Krowka at that - Let Me (October 2010) merely whetted one's whistle, know what I mean? Despite the billing, this one isn't really Avalanche either, it being a Mike Foster solo effort. Now, as you know, I have a lot of respect for this band, and this musician; consummate professionals in what they do. When they are in true Avalanche mode they are nigh on unstoppable, a rock band in the truest sense of the word but keep watching this space on that, all will be revealed soon...

...we hope.

Mike Foster threw this one at me this month because he thought I might get bored (Ed: riiighht) and, truth is, I'm actually glad he did although this is an entirely different breed of rock than normal and may well cause shock to die hard classic rockers. See, the NAValator also knows a lick or two of de bloooz. Straight Ahead Blues is the category Soundclick has it under and it sure fits but its so much more than straight ahead blues. It came about when someone posted a basic blues track on the Blues forum and challenged people to do something with it. Mike wrote some lyrics, got on his keyboardist hat, and trotted this little beauty out of the stable in 'one day in total'

See, the rest of us poor schmucks spend forever honing and crafting our pieces of tat and others can't shove stuff out of the door fast enough, and all of it quality. Quality takes experience though, and Mike Foster sure has paid his dues and then some, so his day's work is going to count in any genre. I am reminded very strongly of the time when bands like Butterfield Blues Band and (later) Chicago (the band, not the city) showed what was possible with the genre, the horns in this especially give that flavour. Hey, know what this is?? This is a great bar track, the kind of thing you put on when everyone is getting m-e-l-l-o-w and ready to party to a dose of the right stuff. A day it may have taken, but it's obviously a day well spent. I'm keeping this because a) its really, really good and b) because of its novelty value (Ed: actually he covets the Hammond too, NAV).

Highly Recommended big band style blues.

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