Friday, November 26, 2010

Whitman Speck - I Love To Hate You

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It says something about my own personal tastes when I tell you that the rappers I most admire on Soundclick are the ones you definitely wouldn't want to take home to meet Mom and Dad. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about commercial music here, I'm talking about the grimy underbelly of the genre where lurk hip hop musicians making rap metal, and one of my own favourites: horror core. I've come across a few really good horrorcore rappers over the past few years but none that had the effect on me that London's Whitman Speck has. This is a man you most definitely do not want to meet on a dark night, in fact best not to meet him at all.

This rapper is absolutely fixated on serial killers (his name is a mashup of two famous serial killers) and most of his lyrics feature death, usually bloody and violent, sex (ditto) and a few million cuss words. So not something to be feeding the kiddies, unless you want them to grow up to be just like Whitman Speck. The reason I like him is because he is musically very sharp indeed, and his rapping is excellent - a true storyteller. 'I'd kill you all if I had the time' he croons into your ear, after the obligatory name calling intro, 'I don't need the fame, I need to maim', Get the drift? Whitman Speck is 'a pain in the ass' and he's packing a lot of anger into his tracks so this is not exactly easy listening - especially if profanity or lewd images upset you.

I know I shouldn't but sorry, I get a good chuckle out of this guys lyrical style as much as I might deplore what the guy is singing about. There again, this is hardcore rap and there is a Parental Advisory notice (extremely well deserved btw) slapped all over it so I guess people have been warned. However, for the rest of us deeply cynical, jaded grownups (especially those who like meaty hip hop music) will get a lot out of just about any Whitman Speck track. Although I liked I Love To Hate You, which carries all of the musical hallmarks this musician has become known for, it's going to be hard for him to beat Dead Or Alive (February 2010) because I still play the crap out of that bad boy.

Highly Recommended Horrorcore rap.

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Anonymous said...

Just passing on a bit of info. I happen to be a crime buff so....

Charles Whitman and Richard Speck are both mass murderers not serial killers.

Whitman was the tower sniper in Texas. He killed 16 people and injured 32 others in one day. He was shot dead that afternoon by police.

Speck killed 8 nurses in a one night massacre in Chicago. Although many speculate that had he not been caught he would have killed more. Instead he became a tranny (with breasts) in prison.

Serial killers have a cooling off period between murders. Neither of these guys had that.

Not a big deal I know. Just felt like sharing!
: )