Friday, November 19, 2010

No-No Boy - kangaroo woman who made it rain

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At the time this was coming up in the review list, my outlook of it was probably influenced by the bandname and the genre (post punk) so I expected the usual sturm and drang associated with pogoing and gobbing everywhere. Well, it's what you expect from punks, innit? What you couldn't possibly expect is for them to turn all zombie like and start attacking you, using crotchets and quavers as axes, to the gleeful sound of the world falling apart in agony. Well, neither did I, and that is why I have this deathly pallor about me, and I apologise profusely for appearing before you in my underwear but I had an accident with my pants just lately, they needed some refurbishment. (Ed: what can he mean? lol)

and then the shit hit the fan. (Ed: sigh)

Instead of the hard, edgy, angry sound of punk what came out of my speakers the first time I heard this track can only be described as something out of Patrick Lew's nightmares. Now, if you know Patrick Lew, think about that statement. During the first couple of plays, I was struck by two thoughts: this can't be serious, and wtf is this anyway? The track clings, by the merest thread of influence, to the punk genre, notably towards the end of the track. Of course, by then your brain could have solidfied and your ears curdled because - if anything - kangaroo whatnot is experimental to the nth degree.

So, there I was, all a puzzlement. No-No Boy was a new name to me wasn't it? When I checked the Soundclick page though, while writing this review, I discovered that the obviously deranged personna behind the name was none other than Black Chamber so now I guess you are all making the 'aaah' sound too. Now it all makes sense. To be sure, my description is relatively accurate. It still sounds like something out of Patrick Lew's nightmares and it is very, very, very wtf it makes more sense to me now I know where it comes from. Black Chamber is one of a new breed of experimentalists on Soundclick, and this will go some way to glisten/muddy/crucify his reputation. You guys can take your pick on which it is to be, I have a hot date with a washing machine. (Ed: and we'll draw the line at that, shall we?)

Very, very strange. Approach with caution.

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