Monday, November 29, 2010

Cam's Even Song - Sad Eyes

Hear The Track Here

Not sure why there is no download feature on this track, Cameron Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song) is usually more than willing to share his creations with the rest of us, which - of course - is entirely up to him. Merely me wondering aimlessly as usual. Anyway, you would have to have been with Soundclick about five minutes if you haven't heard about this Canadian Christian Rock musician. Yes, yes, I know that there is the C word in there but believe me, Cam's Even Song are not your normal Christian rock offering and never - thankfully - have been. One of the reasons Cam's Even Song has become such a fixture in my house is because his songs are immediately accessible, catchy as all get-out and feelgood music of the highest order.

This, my friends, is a songwriter who I have never known to be stumped for a subject to write about, and this time he's decided he wants to tell Mom that he doesn't like living 3,000 miles away from her. Most of us would use email or a telephone call but Cam - true to form - decided to encapsulate it in one of his creations and hey, it's better than flowers or a pot plant even if it's not Mothers Day for a while. The real draw for this musician, as any Cam fan will tell you, is that no-one quite sounds like him and definitely no-one writes songs like him.

Having said that, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that Cam had been taking some hallucinogenic substances because Sad Eyes is most definitely has a touch of psychedelic rock about it. Either that or Cam has undergone yet another step change in his production techniques, which is also something he does on a regular basis. Again, something that keeps his music fresh and interesting for the longer term listeners like yours truly. While I would hesitate to say that this track is up there with Cam's best (it isn't IMHO) it is still a worthwhile entry point to see what this musician has to offer.

Highly Recommended Aceeeed Cam.

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