Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dark Arts - The Feeling

Hear The Track Here

Actually, the correct title of this track is The Feeling - Dedicated to Steve Gilmore, but hey I get embarrassed easily. T'ain't the first time your intrepid sound scout has got his name etched digitally either so nrrr. If, however, these poor deluded fools (well they'd have to be to dedicate anything to me) think that this would help them to a Must Have, they have another think coming. Luckily, Dark Arts has been around long enough (in other guises) that he knows I am not swayed by any kind of flattery, even if I crave it and wallow shamelessly whenever I get it. I've reviewed more than a couple of this guys tracks as Dark Arts (Ed: five to be exact) and loads more in an earlier incarnation (Solidsounds, seeing as you never gave a ****) and we've had our moments.

One of the problems is that Dark Arts works in one of my least liked genres: dance, electronica for the bopping to. Nonetheless, he spent some three months working on this little beauty (my name!! my name!!!) and I must admit I hadn't listened to it all until I started reviewing it. See? Discipline. Mind you, I have to admit that the Electronica: Trance tag had a fair bit to do with it too. After all, I don't want to throw crap at something with my glorious name on it do I? (Ed: chuckling evilly) So, putting on my bright yellow spandex 'Mr Objective' number, I sat down and addressed the music (and my fears for it) mano y mano. You'll have to make up your own incidental music to go along with that image, it's quite amusing (Ed: for the braindead).

I actually ended up with two takes of this, take two was submitted when the month was under way and there is NO way I am not going to listen to both, curious as to why DA thought it needed changing. So my initial impression was of a typical Dark Arts track, neat in a trance kind of way, but certainly not anything groundbreaking and in my opinion could do with losing a couple of minutes for a sharper track. Version two (the one on the site) certainly has a good sound, as did the first version, this one being slightly clearer, with (I think) a slightly changed section). Whatever, I am not a big fan of this genre but I've never not liked the experience of listening to a Dark Arts track and if you like electronic trance then you really should catch a listen to the man.

Highly Recommended Trance.

Note: No bribes whatsoever were trousered while making this review. Honest.

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