Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Zebrabook - Piercing

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Music and life have much in common. In music there are those who set out to be different and fail miserably, and there are those who are different - usually because that's the way they are. Different. Which generally means that people either cross the road to avoid them or ignore them completely. The sort of kids that were endlessly picked on when they were at school. Being different in life, and in music, has its costs and they are generally higher than most people want to go. The ones who do go there have no choice, it is who they are. I, for one, would not want to be Jon Bushaway. Much as I like and respect the geezer, he is a real Gloomy Gus at times and his music is consequently difficult, often opaque and misleading and - for me anyway - endlessly fascinating in a chilly kind of way.

I like musicians who don't give a **** about what we think about their music, we are not who it's being made for - it's the musician. Therefore, it stands to reason that he or she can't expect everybody in the world to like what they do, but does it stop them? Of course not, and that's why I treasure such musicians and Zebrabook (aka Jon Bushaway) is one of them. Through his work with The Dead Company, to Zebrabook the one thing that the man does, he does exceptionally well. Soundscapes are the name of the game, and this guy makes some of the best I've ever heard. OK, OK, so the scary ones not so much, alright?

Mind you, I have noticed that Zebrabook is bringing out a calmer, mellower (if that is possible) Jon Bushaway and I have to admit I like it. Piercing has nothing to do with the volume and/or dissonance (another of his specialties) because it's certainly very easy on the ears. Symphony in sound maybe? I love the way the voices have been blended into the track, it gives it a weight that is most impressive, even to a philistine like me. True to Bushaway form, it's a long one, weighing in this time at just over seven minutes but that's small change to this guy.

Excellent ethereal soundscape. MUST HAVE for fans, Highly Recommended even so.

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