Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thomas J Marchant - Ego

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When I shuffle off this mortal coil and go, no doubt, to a very, very hot place, I can console myself with knowing that - sooner or later - I would bump into the character who coined the phrase 'but computers will make your life easier'. Then I would go all Biblical on his ass and no doubt get into trouble with the Big Guy Downstairs and fry forever but at least I'd know I'd nailed that sucker. I'm sure Thomas J Marchant will understand the sentiment perfectly. See, the big problem with being an internet musician is that you actually need a machine to do it (not make the music obviously). Even moreso if you want to produce something more than just basic live sessions, multi-tracking is a whole other world of hurt. I don't think there is a single one of us who hasn't suffered a major computer glitch and lost everything (or at least some part of it) and yes, Thomas has suffered too.

Rule #1: B-A-C-K-U-P. CD, external drive, flash stick, stone tablet wotEVAH.

Thomas cheerfully tells us ' For numerous reasons it's become difficult to give a f***' (about not being able to make his customary sound)' and I'd say that was all you could do. So he slapped this down cheap and cheerful in just four tracks. So, what has never counted for me as far as Thomas's work goes is the way he makes the tracks, although for a while there he was getting really handy at nailing the tracks down with good arrangements and production. However, you deal with what you got, and - unless I am mistaken - this is where Thomas started off from anyway. I first acquired the bug listening to tracks like Say No to Racism and Fascism (June 2009) where I wrote 'Where I value him most, it has to be said, is as a plain, unadorned songwriter, coupled with his own inimitable style on delivering those songs' and the same holds true whether he's orchestrated or not.

What this step back has show me, at least, is that Thomas's knack for the track is as sure as ever, even reduced this way. In fact, it merely points up just how good the song actually is. I steadfastly maintain that there isn't anyone who sounds like Thomas, although there are a few that sound like him - if you get my drift. Ego is marvellously ego less, and a blistering song into the bargain. It's that very recognisable vocal sound he's got that really sells the song, but listen to the man's phrasing - awesome. The lines 'You said I don't need to move to the city, In order to find somebody pretty like you' don't sound much written down like that but the way Thomas sings them sends a tingle right down my backbone.

MUST HAVE lo-fi (Ed: reeeeeesult!!)

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