Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lera Lynn - Bobby, Baby

Hear The Track Here

Thanks to the RebelRiffs blog, I have a couple of very nice surprises this month, both of them female singers and you guys know I love female singers. Not in a biblical way, of course, that would be too silly. Nope but there is something about a female vocalist that I just love and as a consequence I have found a few really good ones in my time. So, have you met Lera Lynn?. For my English readers scratching their heads in confusion, Lera's name is not a typo and she is a lot younger and considerably prettier than Vera Lynn. Lera Lynn comes from Athens, GA in the USA, not to be confused with the other place and Bobby, Baby is a track her upcoming CD called, surprisingly enough, Have You Met Lera Lynn?

See, I come by the madness quite naturally.

I'm tempted to say that Lera Lynn is a country musician but upon reflection decide that this doesn't quite cover the picture because there are all kinds of influences in the music and the songwriting. For sure, the lyrics are splendidly country and western and - to my mind - makes a better song for all that. Now I know I rant and moan about the Nashville influence in today's American country music but there are some places it works, especially when you lay off the schmaltz and just tell the facts, which is pretty much the way it goes down on this track. Again, though, that would be missing yet another vital point - at least for me.

As I say I do have a special liking for female vocalists but that's a double edged sword because it makes me judge them harder than maybe I would otherwise. Good female vocalists are hard to spot and when you find one, you need to keep track of her. Make a note of the name folks, because Lera Lynn is someone you definitely want to be following as the tracks from that album come online. OK, so this may be a tad too country for my own tastes (although if I think of it as Americana my prejudice remains shelved), there is no doubting the work, dedication and love that went into making this excellent track. Even better, make sure you watch the video that goes along with this...

Excellent modern country tale. Highly Recommended.

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