Thursday, November 18, 2010

Satellite 3 - Playing With Fire

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Every once in a while something gets through to me and I find myself thinking 'mmm, need to keep my eye on this' and that was the effect Satellite3 had on me when I met them with Apathy (June 2010) - and that's the title of the song not my own mental state. Although Apathy was not without its problems I nonetheless enjoyed the overall experience and finished off the review by saying 'Satellite 3 would be worth checking out from time to time because I do see some real potential here' Playing With Fire then is the first track they have released since then and I have to say that whatever misgivings I had about their overall sound seems to have (almost) disappeared. Much more to the point, where Apathy was moany Alternative, Playing With Fire is yer actual rock mate and proud of it.

Best played at 11.

Playing with Fire is the first track to appear from the band's upcoming Everything Falls Apart EP due out this winter, and if this is anything to go by that EP is going to create some serious noise. All the trepidation I may have felt with their introductory track dissipated with the first play of this powerful, effective track, and only got better with each successive spin (lol). I am as you know the Ultimate Rock Animal so something this red in tooth and claw is going to find favour with me, so I don't expect you to get much out of this is your tastes are somewhat milder but for me Playing With Fire presses all the right buttons both in performance and overall technical abilities.

I'd hazard a guess and say that this is almost properly recorded (one of the failings of Apathy was its lo-fi sound) but, much more to the point, now this sounds like a real band, aided by some very punchy production touches - a producer maybe? No matter, the music speaks for itself so if you like your songs with meat on their bones and a story to tell then look no further. As I say, if this is an indication of the kind of quality that is going into the EP, it's going to go down very well indeed in certain quarters. In the meantime, sit yerself down and tear a chunk out of this bad boy to chew on a while. It is, as Harry Enfield's character would say 'rocktastic'. There again, he's a well known dick for coming out with such 'gems' (Ed: Gilmore, are you deliberately trying to get us sued)

Highly Recommended rock.

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