Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunburn in Cyprus - If It's Good For Me

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Here's one I've been looking forward to. If you think Sunburn in Cyprus is a new name, you haven't been around long enough. To my eternal shame, this is only the second time I have reviewed them and that's really a pity. Put it this way, if anyone else had put 'adult-oriented dinner music' I'd be chuckling like a madman while I sharpened my 'special' implements, but given this band, I'd say that was an accurate description. Change (May 2009) was my only other encounter with them and got a very adult Must Have, although they also got a name check later in my Tracks Of The Year 2009 Awards. A five piece actual gigging live band from Goettingen in Germany where, no doubt, it is considerably colder than Cyprus.

Be aware, however, that there are now three versions of this track on the bands page, so note that I am reviewing the original (ie the one that is not a remix). It's easy to see why there are so many remixes already, this is right there in terms of usable slants. As noted in my last review, this band remind me strongly of Beautiful South but that is a lazy reference and I really suggest you grab an earful and make up your own mind. If you need signposts think Sade, Alison Moyet, Everything But The Girl, and some of the 1990's one hit wonders whose names escape me now. In other words, Sunburn in Cyprus, features an incredible female lead vocalist, Bianca Dietrich, whose singing is just beautiful, especially with the solid backing from four obviously experienced musicians.

There is a knockout jazzy blues feel to this track that would be instantly recognisable to Sade fans, and that in turn makes it much more accessible than most music of this type. It says much for the work and effort that went into making this track, because what comes across in the music is how easy and relaxed it all feels. Partly production, mostly great playing and a large dose of feelgood juice make this a standout track - whatever your musical preference. They showed me with Changes what they are capable of, and If It's Good For Me takes it steps further. So, finally, you didn't really expect me to listen to the remixes, did you? I did and they are very worthwhile too. Three-for-one!!

MUST HAVE feelgood.

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