Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moral Factor - Travelling Guns

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I first stumbled drunkenly (Ed: is there any other way?) across Argentinian musician German Gabriel Gorchs (aka Moral Factor) when I reviewed Breaking Point (October 2010) which is the first time I had heard of him. His style is definitely rooted in 60's/70's songwriters but that doesn't stop it being effective in this day and age. He is an acoustic musician primarily, although not of the guitar/voice style. There is a lot more to his music than that. In fact, Breaking point was a nice way to meet a new musician, acoustic or otherwise.

Damn, this is going to sound silly but lets try it on anyway. A few years ago, I met a musician called John Paul Carroll (now known as JPC (NZ)) and this reminds me very strongly of his early tracks, with some of the same problems. Since then, of course, John Paul has improved beyond belief and I am sure that as German goes on the sound will sharpen itself up. When it does, watch out world, I say. Now, don't get me wrong. You may hear this and say I am wrong, it sounds great, it's a good song and the performance and production are fine - as indeed they are. Nonetheless, I hear the song underneath that and it's still not quite there.

Personally I think the vocal should be redone, simply from a phrasing point of view, but that may just be me being picky. Certainly, the backing vocals could do with coming up (and substantial fattening) in the mix. Again, let me be clear, this is a terrific song, and the track supporting it is just as good but there is a certain muddiness of sound, especially vocally. There's a bit of thinness in the acoustics too, they could be much rounder in tone. Nonetheless, having said all that, you will hear a good song, well performed and most people wouldn't even think about what it should sound like. Me? I'm cantankerous as all get-out sometimes. It's a curse, I tell ye.

Recommended Acoustic.

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