Monday, November 29, 2010

MDSkul - Let Me Out

Hear The Track Here

A new name to me from Soundclick and, as you may have gathered from the bandname, hip hop is the game. Regular readers will already know that I have a well developed taste for this genre and, in particular, certain of the hip hop artists and musicians on Soundclick. I have found, over the past few years that as commercial hip hop rotted on the vine, underground and indie hip hop just keeps getting better and better - and Soundclick hosts some real good ones. Speaking of which both EJAY and -LMS- (two of my favourite Soundclick rappers) are friends with MDSkul and that says much to me. Both of them are precise, experienced rappers and they don't take wannabees prisoner.

One of the hardest things for indie hip hop rappers to do is to find exactly the right backing track, or finding people to collaborate with so that you do have one. Not sure how Skul is coming out with the beats - storebought or otherwise - but to my ears it sounds bit thin. Overall sound, that is. Individually, all the instruments are clear enough but there is a distinct lack of good bottom end. It's even more important, I think, when the music relies on the kick to keep the action tight because there is nothing worse than a plod - in any genre. Mind you, continued listens to the track show that although Let Me Out skirts plod city, there is a reason for it.

Actually, the more I listened to this track the more I liked what MDSkul has come up with, although to be honest, it's not really my kind of hip hop. There again, it isn't intended to be and I would imagine that people who really get off on all manner of hip hop are going to love this. Most of my quibbles with the track are about sound and texture, I can certainly find nothing much wrong with the song itself and much that says here is a rapper who knows what he's about. Half the battle with this genre, for most people, is that it isn't interesting or varied enough and MDSkul takes care of that very nicely.

Recommended hip hop.


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