Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Andrey Mishchenko - Let's Go Flying

Hear The Track Here

Funnily enough, the last couple of artists I am going to review this month come from the Russian side of the world. So, let's start with the actual Russian, Andrey Mischenko who we have come across a few times now who comes from Vladivostok, a city right in the very East of Russia - not that you needed to know that. Andrey has only been playing and composing since 2008, and so far I have reviewed four of his tracks and, I admit, I was surprised by how long he had been doing this. Although his music is somewhat regional in nature (or at least the last and first track were), it's certainly good enough for people who may like the different genres Andrey composes in. Thus far that's classical piano, a smidge of rock instrumental, and a rock based ballad.

Let's Go Flying and its inception led to where we are at this moment, so it was interesting to see what kind of idea triggered this guy to suddenly start learning how to make music when he had such a hard time writing the melody for this. The version that we are hearing was updated at the beginning of December with backing vocals from a mysterious friend named Olga. Love Is The Reason (September 2010) was the first actual song I believe Andrey has done and, being utterly frank here, it wasn't what it should have been. I did say, loud and clear, that Andrey is not really a singer although - bless him - he does his absolute best and mostly it kinda/sorta works - but only just.

I have to say it is helped along by Olga's dulcet tones and listening to her and Andrey singing the same lines made me realise something else. One of the main problems I had with Love Is The Reason is that Andrey sings in English but with a very noticeable accent which, to be honest, doesn't help the song at all. But the man can't help his accent surely? Well no, which is why, on hearing this and hearing two voices singing the same thing, Andrey might want to sing in his native language. I for one would have no problem with that, and I am sure even Andrey may feel a little easier about it. So, the track itself is actually quite a good one, with some lovely production touches which again belie this 'only being doing this for a couple of years' thing. Interesting in its own way, and very well put together, hearing Let's Go Flying wouldn't be a wasted listen, just one with an odd accent.

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