Tuesday, November 16, 2010

333maxwell - Where You'll Find You

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Hello, hello hello, who is this trudging into view? Looks familiar and a suspicious cove so I'd say yonder lurks one Chas Holman (known to the Underworld as 333maxell) What was that? Sounded like a bell ringing?? Meh, strange things happen when I am around this guy... So, where we was? I don't think I have to mention that 333maxwell is one of my all time favourite Soundclick musicians, a seasoned professional in every way that counts. Which is why he has a larger string of Must Haves than anyone else alive probably but he really, really must not be bragging about it because.... Well, let me start at the beginning.

333maxwell is somewhat modest, as many of you are aware, and an incredibly difficult musician for me personally to review because I can NEVER find anything that wrong about his tracks and much that is righter than right. Moreover he spends inordinate amounts of time yakking on that this is 'a horribly unfinished project' and that he ' tidied and rushed' it. Which, let's face it, is pretty much what he says every time. Any yet, and yet, the tracks just keep rolling... Now it's obvious that not everyone is going to like his older (dare I say mature) musical touch but I know a very young lady who thinks his 40's jazz pieces are wonderful, and that is an opinion I also share.

Where You'll Find You finds our hero working on the other end of the musical street, adjacent to the Beatles in their druggy period, and this is also an area where 333maxwell always shines. Especially, and I know this is going to make Chas groan, if you like the sound of MacCartney Beatles which IMHO Chas has totally 'got'. The style, the musical mannerisms and even the vocal phrasing. Now maybe I am just noticing that a lot more because this is a genre I love. However, let's go back to the main point. If this is 'horribly unfinished' and ' tidied and rushed' then I want my ball back and I'm going home. Serious.

Awesome Beatles drenched rock. Highly Recommended.

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