Sunday, November 14, 2010

Densyl - To The One I Love

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I'll be the first person to admit that I didn't really 'get' Densyl at first, but that is because of my own baggage rather than anything Densyl did. Over the years, I have heard enough singer/songwriters (usually home produced) to make the average persons ear bleed for a thousand years and that is bound to leave a nasty bruise - as indeed it does. What it means in real terms is that I can get real picky when faced with tracks that just don't do anything to me, especially the more maudlin kind that the composers think is the best thing in the world. Since that rocky start though, I've grown to appreciate him much more and even raved about Hope Is All About (March 2010), an excellent Beach Boys style collaboration with lyricist Soni Conde and Matt Tyson who did a blinder vocal turn and I can't recommend it highly enough.

S'funny, I could have sworn I had already reviewed an earlier version of this (or maybe I just heard it in passing but this, we are told, is a brand new version and nothing like the original. Peggy Gray supplies the lyrics this time and it is (shudder) a power ballad. Now I may not like the style but I can divorce myself sufficiently to assess one (ballad, that is) and - in fact - have heard many good ones in my time too. The problem, I find, is that unless it is delivered with the correct amount of passion, emotion and yes, raw power - especially if it is a 'power ballad' - it just doesn't work and sounds like anything else. The real problem with ballads is having the right singer to put them across.

Now don't think that I am getting at Densyl here, because I am not. However, a ballad singer (power or otherwise) he is not, at least not this kind of ballad. What he does, however, is put the song across and that is good enough, especially if you happen to be in the market for said power ballads. Certainly from a musical and production standpoint To The One I Love is very decent indeed but I have come to expect such work from this musician. Now I may get disagreement on this but I would really like to hear a collaboration on this one, I think it would be well worth the effort.

Recommended nonetheless.

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