Saturday, February 16, 2008

Superhuman - Hellucination

Hear The Track Here

God, I wish I were. Superhuman, that is. I find out later that Dave Kelly (aka the aforementioned alpha human) is merely superhuman, he's Irish too. Which, of course, amounts to pretty much the same thing in my book. Now then, if you are wondering whether I am dragging the Blarney Stone around with me to curry favour with advanced beings, think again. I'm merely going to try and sell it to them. Speaking of advanced beings, I seem to be showered with Rock Gods at the moment with the bulk of them originating out of MP3 Unsigned.

Superhuman is the latest, and presumably the best :D

The boy knows how to rock sure enough but ever since I had me brain warped at an early age by Rory Gallagher (not one of THEM brothers), I've known that Irish guitarists can b-l-o-w fiery chunks of rock everywhere. Certainly, Superhuman is of the frets-on-fire-ouch-me-fekkin-fingers school, dropping scorching leads everywhere he can find a tidy niche for it. Before I found out about this artist, I had been aware of the Gallagher feel in the track, so it wasn't exactly a surprise to find he came from Dublin. I would imagine, given the title, that you would have to have some firepower at hand to create such a vision, and Superhuman comes very c-c-c-lose.

Sorry, nerves. Shredded, even.

Which is exactly what Superhuman sets about doing on every note of Hellucination and considering it's just shy of three minutes, that would be all most normal human could take. Joking. I know a guy who has every lead he ever heard memorised, and he'd have a field day with this track; bar after bar of riffs. Normally, this would have me yawning because while I can appreciate a fine guitarist, I much more appreciate their ability to touch me rather than the other way around. Superhuman does that, but I'll listen to some more tracks yet to see how varied this obviously competent guitarist is.

Instrumental rock. Recommended for the mad axeman within you.

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