Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cam's Even Song - Words You Said

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'A song about pain' Cam says in his song comments. Hold on, can this be? Cam? He of the fluffly, joyousness of life? Aaah, but those who know Cam's Even Song know that the cuddly bunny side of his work has its dark side, and as I have mentioned a time or two I think on balance I prefer his heavier work. The tracks that have really affected me from this amazingly prolific musician have always been the Biblically righteous tracks, the really serious side of Cam. Funnily enough, although Cam's not exactly an overt Christian (at least not by my definition) his tracks with that content are by far the most powerful IMO. Those are the tracks I have tended to keep and revisit over the years.

As you do.

Words You Said, although not being lyrically that heavy, still carries that inner power than Cam can seem to bring to his work when necessary - although the vocal treatment sounds odd. At least at first. Odd is another word I wouldn't quickly associate with this artist but for sure the first and second times I played this, the vocal didn't sit right. Got me a bit worried actually because it isn't like Cam to do something like that. You only have to listen to the acoustic express train (honest!) that propels this particular track to see that this is an artist who takes care to get it right.

First time. Every time.

I really like when Cam gets on his Doomy Dylan vocal style on, and there is certainly a tinge of it in his delivery on Words You Said but - as I said - it didn't sound right. That's because sounds like a cross this time between Dylan and George Harrison and once you get used to it, it sounds as right as it gets. Actually being a long time lover of all things Travelling Wilburys, this track sounds as if it could have come from that august band. A finer compliment couldn't be had. Cam's cadence confounds.

MUST HAVE for fans and Highly Recommended even so.

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