Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mike-K - Why Am I So Blue

Hear The Track Here

It suppose it was inevitable that this collaboration was on the cards all along. Mike Kohlgraf (for it is he) has worked with Jim Miller and Christopher Martin Hansen individually and now here he's roped in Jim's wife Lisa into the bargain. Can't fault the man for his acquistive streak. In a way, it's a bit unfair to review a track such as this because my esteem for all concerned is about as high as it gets; each in their own way has much to contribute and offer to this indie scene. The question remains, can they cook or are they just too many chefs?

Find out right after the break.

As you would expect from such august company, technical and instrumental perfection is the aim and the goal and in that this quartet succeed beyond expectations. Absolute diamond sound under wide open skies, what more could you ask for? Well, the song and the performance to go with it right? Again, as you would expect the bar is set extremely high. The combination of sax and lead guitar licks is a treat for the ears giving this jazzy blues tune a style all of its own. Add to that a solid backline of drums and bass and an icing of Lisa on vocals and it's not going to go far wrong is it?

To be really honest, I'd say that although I like Lisa as a vocalist in her own right, I don't think material like this suits her style. I hope she will understand the reason I say that. It takes a particular skill to interpret this kind of music, and it isn't necessarily a vocal skill. Understand me, I love this kind of music and the 'torch song' tradition to which it belongs and that is the reason why I say this. As it is, Lisa couldn't make a bad job of it, it isn't in her nature and I suppose I should go and stand in the corner for saying all this but hey, if I can't be honest with my friends, what is the point? She does a more than workmanlike job on it and nobody but an old curmedgeon would be picking such holes... In all other aspects this track is untouchable, and that also says something.

Impressive jazz blues. Very Highly Recommended. MUST HAVE for SC history/posterity.

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