Friday, February 22, 2008

Skymobil - Here For A While

Hear The Track Here

Another review request that seems to have come solely through my reviews blog, Skymobil isn't a name I am familiar with at all. According to their myspace site they are a Power Pop trio (Yann, Vince and Nice) from Paris, France and that's about it. In this case the music is going to have to do most of the talking because there is not much else to know about the band. Here For A While isn't exactly what I would call Power Pop, but whats in a name anyway? What it most reminded me of - in structure and in sound was of The Stranglers

Certainly there is a punky feel to the track but that may be down to the three peice line up which - no matter which way you slice and dice it - is somewhat limited. Nonetheless. Skymobil do kick up a very attractive sound, the sort of track that would definitely make you stop and say 'who is that?'. Now in my books, getting that kind of reaction is exactly what music should do and it is a testament to the skill of whoever mixed this track. All the elements of the track are clear, placed exactly so; an excellent production.

Have to admit that I couldn't for the life of me figure out any of the words until I started finding out about the band, because the singer sings with an accent (he would, he is French after all). The song, though, is pure Anglo-Saxon in sound and style and is pretty neat, certainly nothing anybody could object too. At its heart is a charismatic, engaging song that has power and emotion in equal measure.

Very tasty. Highly Recommended power pop.

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