Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Confusion Said - Find Another Way

Hear The Track Here

Anyone who says that there favourite place is Steveland is going to do alright by me. No matter that in my own little universe I like to refer to it as Steveworld, simply because I have the most enormous pretensions to grandeur known to man. Confusion Said is the culprit and - as it 'appens - it also features a Steve. Steve Calapp to be precise and if the name isn't ringing any bells that's because you've only been on Soundclick for about five minutes. Back a few years ago, a rock band of the finest strength roamed around Soundclick like a wounded beast. Initially called the Ty Kaufman Band (ah him!) and later known as EL84. As well as featuring an axeman par excellence in the aforementioned Ty Kaufman (Ed: now in Blue 42 as if this isn't confusing enough already) it also featured yer actual Rock Voice, embodied in the tonsils of Steve Calapp.

When I reviewed Blue 42, I commented about the absence of Mr Calapp and I definitely felt the track that final vocal touch; it's nice to see the situation redressed this month. Confusion Said is Steve, Steve Dominguez (Ed: Damn it IS Steveworld!!) and Josh Bechere and being a trio the music is pretty much what you would expect save for the track having an acoustic edge to it that is surprisingly effective. Not surprising though because even the slightest listen will show the listener that this isn't gonna be one of Soundclick's many wannabes; here is the sound of experience. My only quibble (and its a teeny one) is that there seems to be some high end interference (especially noticable with the cymbals). There again, considering the band are whipping up this earstorm in a kitchen, that is chump change and hardly worth mentioning.

What comes out of this is a masterfully arranged, powerful rock track that touches every base in its search for the perfect riff; four and three quarter minutes of some fine, fine rock. All three musicians contribute vocals, and some very tasty playing along with them, but if that ain't Steve Calapp on the main vocal then I'm a deaf Chinaman called Wha Da Fuk. Take a listen and - if you know anything about rock - hear one of the best rock voices I have heard in a good while. As if that weren't enough; the arrangement of this track is just perfect; it winds, it unwinds going every which way. As an indication of how good it is, it has already been a Soundclick number one and it should be back there again.


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