Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fear 2 Stop - Gondola Of The Dead

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I get this eerie feeling that I have listened to this or reviewed it before but such visions are commonplace when dealing with the peculiar (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). Fear 2 Stop have given us more than their fair share of horrors of all kinds over the years. After a while, you become desensitised to it. Or at least that is my excuse for - dare I say this? - actually kinda liking what they do, and more so especially over the last year or so. If you no idea what I am wittering on about, two words will instantly clue you in (counts on fingers ) One: experimental; two: noise.

So that's what 'a gleam of apprehension' means then...

Anyway, back to the not-really-a-plot. 'Imagine,' Fear 2 Stop exhort in the song comments 'zombies spending a romantic weekend in Venice...' Eh? Talk about losing the plot. Okay, I'll go along with it. After all, this Houston based outfit have led me astray many times and - weirdly enough - it is often worth the effort. For a while there, I kinda thought that we had turned the corner on the really out-there stuff but most of their latest tracks do return to some of the same ground that frustrated many people (including this reviewer) with their early work.

Don't get me wrong, o judgemental eyeballs, I don't mean that Gondola of the Dead is rubbish. It isn't, especially if the collision of horror (zombies et al) and the electronic f***ry that is state of the art Fear 2 Stop sounds like an interesting and worthwhile use of your time. Of course, most people would shrug and move away, being assailed by shouts of 'move along, nothing to see here' but there are always some ghouls who really get off on traffic wrecks. All of which, sounds surprisingly like any number of the F2S tracks I have reviewed over the years. If you have acquired the Fear 2 Stop habit then you will already know this, can't see how this might appeal to a larger audience though.

Zombies eat venice!! News at 11.

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