Sunday, February 24, 2008

Can't Stop The Daggers - Changing My Mind (Azoora Remix)

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Can't Stop The Daggers is Chris Chattom, Jon Partelow and Ben Dumbauld and if those names don't sound familiar to you then you would certainly know of Jon Partelow's alter ego HELLbus, who I've brought your way a time or two. Speaking of which, I've bought Azoora to your attention the same time or two (Jon collaborated with the band for a while) so the one thing that should be clear is that you are in for an aural treat. Nothing any of these people do is ill considered and they are always worthy of checking out - especially if you like music that is really Alternative - not to mention have extremely high production values.

All the main food groups. Bring it on!

Reading further I discover that this is a John Purcell remix of a CSTD track; you'll find the original on the page as well. I approached it from the other direction of course and only caught the original while writing this review, but it's always worth referencing the original. Certainly in this mix there is a finished polish, especially on the vocals, that lifts it considerably further than the original version. High (January 2008) was indeed a high and after gaining a Must Have from me and a 'true meaning of a power trio' quote to go along with it, and Changing My Mind is a step in a completely different direction: pop.

Well, kinda/sorta..

Changing My Mind is a mellow alternative rock track that again shows how well the three musicians mesh together and it's nice to see the bass really stepping out on this number. Luvverly. What defines this track though, and the band for that matter, is the attention to detail and their ability to nail the track just right. John Purcell did enormous work bringing this to its proper aural sound and more power to his elbow. When you are looking for standout tracks musically and technically, I can think of no better place to start than either band (Azoora or CSTD). In the meantime, settle down for a chill out and slap this onto your preferred aural device and see what I mean. Class all the way, matey...

Excellent modern rock ballad (kinda/sorta). Highly Recommended.

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