Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Legendary Fred Miller - Paranoid

Hear The Track Here

For brevitys sake - and my poor abused fingers - hereinafter shall be known as TLFM. Fred Miller is a self confessed 'porch musician' who doesn't pay any attention to current musical trends but who is nevertheless 'on his own path'. An accurate description of around 90% of Soundclicks members I'd say. Having chewed me way through several TLFM compositions, I must admit to a sneaking liking for the old cove. I am also one for being 'on his own path' so I am bound to be a kindred spirit - and obviously biased. I have said before that this is one artist whom the term 'probably an acquired taste' was made for.

His output, to be fair, has been prolific and somewhat adventurous (especially with his work with his son), which is miles better than that promised by the first TLFM track I heard. I'll let Fred sum it all up for you. He says 'Folk Rock Blues mix. Unique style. Layered Vocals' and that is exactly what you get, all bound up in the inimitable style that will endear some people to this artist while making others shudder in disgust. Me, I see nothing wrong in aspiring to be a competent 'porch musician' and Fred is doing a pretty good job of it. Although it should be stressed at this point that audio fidelity here isn't exactly quality, but it certainly isn't as dire as some I have heard.

I spent ages wondering how I was going to describe this exceedingly curious track; a sort of cross between the vocal manipulations of Bobby McFerrin and the dry-as-dust tone and delivery of Tom Waits. That is closest approximation I can come to, although as I said quality is very different. Again to be fair to Fred, he makes music that he enjoys and that enjoyment (for me anyway) makes him an artist I would listen to, simply because I'm curious as to know which way he will go next. Definitely not going to be everyones favourite but hey, what can I tell you? Fred Miller is cool OK?

Certainly different. Recommended Porch Music.

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