Thursday, February 07, 2008

Charlie A - Artist Overview

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Like a lot of online musicians, Charlie Armour spreads out a bit in terms of the kinds of websites (always in the plural) you are going to find him on. Like a lot of us, he is finding that there is a big payoff in being on lots of different sites. I'm taking two tracks of his on this time; one based over at POP and one from Soundclick (where he is known as Charlie A). For those of you who are still bewildered and mouthing 'who?who?' like a bunch of nocturnal rat eaters, I have reviewed this musician a few times but I first met him when I reviewed the hilarious Beebee Bubba (July 2006) a class peice of electronica featuring his neice Lauren. I really liked Broken China (January 2007) too and it made it into my year end review so it shows Charlie's music has some legs as well as being an immediate listen.

Symphony Y is the track to be found on Soundclick and is as good an introduction to this keyboard player as you are likely to find - especially if you like your music with a hefty chunk of rock running through it. If it isn't having full on congress with the whole prog rock thingie, it's certainly doing some serious flirting with it. As such, I shamefully admit, it isn't going to be the kind of thing that floats my boats although Charlie - as usual - definitely delivers the goods. Enough so that even someone who doesn't particularly like the genre, wouldn't object to a listen - and neither should you.

Pharoahs Curse is much more my kind of track, right from the very start and - I suspect - a much more recent track than Symphony Y. For all of its sparseness, Pharoahs Curse has a rounded, full sound that wraps itself around your ears; it helps that it also has a world music feel it would be hard to deny. About the only thing that really crunches my gears about it is that it is too short. I tell ya, Charlie A knows how to put an interesting and flexible soundscape together as this track will show; with some great sounds being used too. I'm not normally taken by this whole 'soundtrack' thing, but Charlie's produced a beauty in Pharoahs Curse.

Highly Recommended for Pharoahs Curse. An artist well worth checking out.

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