Monday, February 25, 2008

M J K - Movin On

Hear The Track Here

Currently enjoying his second Soundclick number one with this track, Florida based R&B singer M J K is having a whale of a time. He featured in my year end review of 2007, grabbing Tracks of The Year every which way, but if you've ever heard this artist you'll be nodding your head in understanding at these comments. To call him a singer sounds so flat, he radiates emotion is what he does - in common with all really good vocalists. He's also got an extremely knowing ear for what best suits the material, making sure that the listener is gripped from the first moment.

Oo-eer missis!! Sounds quite naughty.

Stylewise, this is the logical successor to Lose You (December 2007), a beautiful song in a classic arrangement. I guess because M J K produces everything you hear, his arrangements (the music anyway) tends to be sparse. In this case (as with Lose You) that sparseness is the only counterpoint to the vocal pyrotechnics going on above it. Although his material is usually R&B flavoured, there is a distinct pop flavour to his songs AND his vocal delivery that sells the track more than any genre tag ever would.

The truth is, M J K is one of the best singers I have heard, and it's even more to his credit that he's doing it this particular way too. In the time he has been on Soundclick, his beautifully crafted songs of love and longing have won him a great many fans - especially of the female variety. My only complaint about Movin' On (and it's a small one) is the delay during the intro is just too overdone... In all other respects, this is yet another in the string of gorgeous songs this artist has become known for. As the tracks roll in, my esteem for this musician increases; he just seems to get better and better.

Ace Pop ballad. MUST HAVE

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