Sunday, February 24, 2008

Slippy-T - Bleak

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So there I was yapping, at the beginning of the month, that I was really pleased to see so many old faces on this months review list. None more so than young Rob Taylor (aka Slippy-T), a musician and singer I seem to have known forever. What is it now? Four? Five years? In that time I've watched him through all manner of moods and styles and - what's that saying now? - he's definitely paid his dues. In that four or five years Slippy has become well known and respected as a musician and as a songwriter, but he has been exceedingly quiet the last year or so. That's because the real world is chomping on his butt on a regular basis and like all of us - he finds it difficult to have two lives.

I just assign tasks to my multiple personalities, much easier that way.

Bleak 'ain't a pretty love song' according to the man but knowing this artist, it probably won't describe the music either. Can't really imagine the Slippery One wandering over to the Dark Side. Mind you, I never expected him to venture back into one of his old stomping grounds either, so from now on, I'll put nothing past the ol' rascal. Techno, as you well know, is not one of my faves and this is where I first met this artist when techno was small and very, very formulaic. The reason Slippy-T stood out is because he was always different, and of course a very individualistic vocalist.

As you'll find out by listening to this...

See, no matter what you say, experience at this game does indeed count for a lot, at least in the manner in which the music impacts on a listener. These days there is a much tougher edge to Slippy's vocals; a kind of world class edge. I've always liked him as a singer although it took a while to be fully comfortable with his style, but these days the impact is immediate; visceral. Mind you, you will have to listen to the track a couple of times because there's a fair bit of techno noodling to start with. I wonder if long term Slippy fans will agree that we've never heard this singer sounding so assured, confident and cocky as hell. Welcome back mate, f**** the real world.

MUST HAVE techno. (Ed: seriously? Gilmore applauds techo? Nurse! The screens)

T'ain't techno, it's vocal dynamite.

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