Sunday, February 17, 2008

David Deal - First Contact

Hear The Track Here

I find it hard to believe, having done a little reading, that David Deal actually comes from Africa. I think it's more like not noticing the location field somewhere or other. Much the same reason I give for most of my songs ending up in the Gnomic Pronouciations genre (the default on certain sites). I jest, fo course, but not about David Deal coming from Africa. Judging from the song and its content, I'd hazard a guess and say that Mr deal originates in the land of the free, the USA. Fine. Fine. He could be African-American.

Fair point, now bog off and let me get on with it.

Have you noticed the amount of rock I seem to be getting just lately? David Deal, as you may have gathered, is a rock musician and First Contact can stand up and be counted as a class rock track. Provided a) you like rock with a distinct American flavour and b) don't mind overtly Christian lyrics. I have no problems with any of those things which is why I latched onto this extremely clean sounding track almost from the get go.

Admittedly I was more interested in what the musician was doing at first, but then those lyrics began to impinge on my fading brainpower. To be sure, it's a lively, well put together track that I am sure will find its own level of listeners although I tend to think it would be better placed (for exposure that is) in the Christian Rock field where it rightly belongs. Eventually, after more than a few plays, I have to admit that the overall impression changed somewhat, but only insofar as I didn't exactly bond with the style so much once I got used to it. Nonetheless, its a fine effort and David Deal deserves checking out further....

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