Sunday, February 10, 2008

Adam Fielding - Distant Activity

Hear The Track Here

Letting my eyes wander down the review list this month it was immensely gratifying to see some older Soundclick faces reappearing after a long absence. There again, in Adam's case it might have been because he was banned for being a naughty boy, but that's probably a malicious rumour put about by...well me, really. Not one to suffer fools gladly is Mr Fielding and more power to his elbow for that. Anyfekkinhow, way back when Soundclick's electronica forum was really buzzing, Adam Fielding was one of the names most often bandied about. Certainly he is one of the very few artists who - singlehandedly - changed my whole attitude about what electronica could or couldn't be.

Adam has always been a particular favourite of mine because he wanders into some areas of English electro-pop that have always fascinated me. A lot of the early work I reviewed owed a large debt to the electro-pop of 1980's bands such as Depeche Mode, OMD, Howard Jones and Distant Activity sticks closely to that style - even down to its seven and a half minutes of running time. Mind you, you probably won't even notice that time slipping my, you'll be too busy either bouncing or gawping at the scenery flashing past your ears.

One thing about Adam's work always stood out from others; his very high production values and his effortless ability to string endless melodies together. All of that is on display on this track and I have to say I am chuffed to bits to have a new Adam Fielding track to play after such a long time. It brings it all back you see, and even brings a tear to this grizzled eyeball (Ed: Gilmore's only got one ey-ee!). There again, y'all know me by now and you know I'm going to be able to back up these brave (yeah and even foolhardy) comments by pointing your ears towards Distant Activity.

Electro-pop symphony. Luvverly. Highly Recommended.

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