Thursday, February 07, 2008

Nuff X - Stillborn

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First up this month is the originator and prime exponent of Nuffcore, Nuff X. It would be best not to go scrabbling through your musical terms for nuffcore because you probably won't find it. Only those in the know (and on Soundclick of course) would know Nuff's particular ability with the ol' electrons. Having said that, he has gone into yet another mode with the last two or three tracks; a kind of UK tinged Alternative but with less of the whiny than usual - which, as we well know, is a definite plus. The music has gone kinda lo-fi as well but not to the detriment of the music - or the song - which is what helped them to a couple of highly recommended's just lately.

no' bad no' bad....

You are only as good as your last track though, so lets see what we can make of Stillborn. 'Tried to do something that had a good piano hook' Nuff explains in the song comments, although your first listen won't give you that impression - fairly typical for Nuff as it happens. It's a good job I wasn't expecting a pretty-pretty piano peice - this is Nuff X we are dealing with after all - because you certainly don't get it. What you get is a piano phrasing that keep you hanging by the seat of your pants, along with a dark, intense, almost threatening atmosphere.

Nuff X to a T really... ;)

Personally, I think Nuff has enough confidence to pull all this 'I made all this music' posture off, although its fairly obvious he needs to either sharpen up the sound to let the vocals punch through. Well, actually sharpening up the sound would enable there to be some separation and air between the instruments, as it is, it's all a bit dense and - dare I say it - kinda wooly. Still, it shows just how far James Bacon (aka the Nuffster) has come since first venturing onto the scene some years back, and is a good example of what he has to offer. I do add, however, that Nuff tends to do things his own way, and that may put some people off. But hey, **** 'em.

Dark, intense Nuffcore. Not for the faint-hearted.

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